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Resilience can be defined as the ability to survive through harsh conditions and being able to push through those conditions while striving to achieve goals.

Being able to bounce back from stressful situations is hugely important for ones overall physical and emotional well-being.

Some of the factors that can help someone become more resilient include:
  • Striving to be more positive and optimistic about situations
  • Looking at difficulties in the past as a learning experience for the future
  • Learning how to best regulate one’s emotions

The Resilience Journey App

The Resilience Journey (authored by Dr. Gail Wagnild, RN, PhD) is an engaging, interactive, online program that takes you on an enlightening journey that will open your eyes to your life’s purpose while teaching you about the five core components of resilience. The five core components are:
  1. Living a purposeful life
  2. Becoming self-reliant
  3. Perseverance
  4. Equanimity
  5. Existential aloneness

The program components of the Resilience Journey include:
  • Clinically-validated Resilience Scale
  • Over two hours of learning material over five easy-to-navigate chapters broken into lessons
  • 45+ interactive exercises
  • Customized, sharable, savable Resilience Map

Five Science-Backed Strategies to Build Resilience*

  1. Changing your past narrative by practicing expressive writing
  2. Facing your fears in the here and now
  3. Practicing self-compassion
  4. Meditating
  5. Cultivating forgiveness

*From Kira M. Newman, Published by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley