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Why is Gratitude Important?

Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D, is one of the world’s leading voices on the benefits of gratitude and contributor to the Greater Good Science Center. He defines gratitude as “affirming goodness and recognizing that the sources of this goodness are outside the self”.

Showing gratitude is a great way to appreciate the kindness of others and help to increase their happiness.

Much of the research done shows an intrinsic heightened level of personal happiness as a consequence of showing gratitude towards others.

We have the ability to increase our own physical well-being (health), psychological well-being (emotions), and social well-being (relationships) by practicing gratitude in our daily lives and truly being grateful.

Gratitude Journal App

One of the easiest ways to remember things to be grateful for is to keep a gratitude journal. We’re working with HappyFeed, a great app that allows you to electronically record what you’re thankful for on a daily basis. This simple, free app allows you to:
  • Record three moments you are grateful for each day
  • Set daily reminders to prompt you to record new moments you’re grateful for
  • Chronicle and review different days in the past
  • Upload photos to your moments

Other Ways to Practice Gratitude*

  • Create a gratitude playlist and listen to it once a day.
  • Make plans with a friend to text one gratitude statement to each other each day.
  • Agree to engage in random acts of kindness at least twice a week.
  • Share three things you were grateful for that day before dinner every night.
  • Compliment someone else at least once a day.
  • Think positive thoughts and view difficulties as learning experiences.
  • Say thank you at least 10 times a day.

*From Delvina Miremadi, PhD Practicing Gratitude to Produce Happiness

Research on Benefits of Gratitude
There’s lots of research available on the different benefits of Gratitude. Please refer to the articles below from our friends at the Greater Good Science Center to get more information on: